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CarMatch is a mobile app under the CarPal brand. Both CarPal and CarMatch are owned and operated by M/S ThinkBotz Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.

Please note that the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions listed below are exclusively for CarMatch.


  • Information we get from you
  • CarMatch/CarPal/ThinkBotz E-Commerce Pvt Ltd. stores and uses information that you provide through the CarMatch mobile apps, car rating forms, subscriptions lists, etc.

    CarMatch also stores information about your latest search preferences so as to retrieve your last search preferences on the next instance of the mobile app’s usage. The same applies to your saved lists as well. This information will also be analyzed by CarMatch to understand users’ preferences better and improve your experience.

    Profile photos and cover photos provided by you will be securely saved in our database so as to make the mobile application’s experience better.

  • Sharing Information
  • CarMatch will share the information that you provide with dealerships of your choice and other dealerships, in case your preferred does not respond to your request. This is only to serve you better and have a seamless experience.


    Terms regarding cars listed

  • All prices primarily shown are Ex-Showroom Delhi prices. On road prices may vary based on geographic state, city, etc.
  • The listed ExShowroom City Prices may be updated without prior notice even if the car is a saved as a favourite car by the user.
  • CarMatch may add/delete cars based on new launches, discontinuations, etc without prior notice.
  • CarMatch does not hold discounts/offers about cars. Carmatch encourages you to check with the dealerships for the same.
  • CarMatch is not affiliated to any single manufacturer / group of manufacturers or dealerships.

    Terms regarding Features and Specifications of cars listed

  • CarMatch tries to be 100% accurate while listing the car’s features and specs and advises users to check with dealerships / salesmen / updated brochures for the most accurate information.

    Terms regarding Best 5 cars generated by the algorithm

  • CarMatch does not take responsibility if the cars of the user’s choice and judgment do not appear in the list of best recommended cars. Carmatch only tries to match preferences and may not be fully accurate and encourages users to use the mobile app for research and convenience purposes.

    Terms regarding Images and other media files present in the CarMatch mobile application

  • CarMatch / CarPal/ Thinkbotz E Commerce Pvt Ltd. do not claim ownership of any images available unless specified by a CARMA. watermark or a CarPal watermark.
  • Images of cars are owned by respective car manufacturers’ and are available on their respective product websites or affiliated media/press websites.
  • Some images of cars might be misleading as manufacturers tend to include equipment on/in the cars that are optional add-ons.
  • Images of certain cars, owned by manufacturers or affiliated media/press websites that are of Left Hand Drive configuration. These images are only for representational purposes.

    Terms regarding the rating of cars by the CarMatch team.

  • CarMatch rates cars on a carefully laid out process. The figures presented on the CarMatch mobile application and CARMA. website may be derived from the following:
    • Completely CarMatch team’s calculations
    • Completely based on public feedback
    • Other publications’ opinions
    • Other Scientific means
    • A combination of 1,2,3 & 4
  • The source of the rating figures will not be displayed as information is proprietary.
  • CarMatch only rates cars based on pre-defined budget segments and not based on construction.

    Terms regarding Test Drives Requested through the CarMatch Mobile Application

  • CarMatch assumes responsibility to deliver users’ requests to dealerships and try and fulfill them. CarMatch does not guarantee a callback from dealerships of the user’s choice unless the dealership is verified by the team with a verified mark.
  • For test drive requests to unverified dealers, CarMatch will try and arrange for test drives from the requested dealer or other dealers if necessary. This may happen with or without the user’s consent.
  • CarMatch does not take responsibility about the dealership’s behavior and method or ethics of working.

    Terms regarding Dealership Listing

  • CarMatch does not take responsibility of incorrect dealership data like addresses, contact details, etc.
  • The verification mark given by CarMatch only refers to the verification that the dealership exists, the dealership’s contact details and a call-back guarantee from the dealer

    Terms regarding Preset Lists

  • CarMatch holds rights to modify curated lists or preset lists without any prior notice.