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Strengths and Weaknesses
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Getting Deeper
CarPal's analysis of the Vento's strengths and weaknesses

1. The 7-speed super quick shifting and intuitive DSG gearbox.

2. Steering feedback is great, confidence inspiring.

3. Feature packaging that is neither too less or too much.

4. Makes for a great alternative to the usual sedans, with it’s own aspirational value.

5. Fit and finish levels of interiors.


1. 1.6L 105 HP petrol engine isn’t very exciting.

2. Age-ing in the market is quite prominent; facelifts won’t make the cut anymore.

3. Rear space just about adequate for 2 passengers, thanks to the tall transmission tunnel.

4. Engine noise with diesel might make it sound a little agricultural.

5. Depreciates quicker due to high maintenance expenses.

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