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Frequently Asked Questions

Your car will be invoiced from our (CarPal’s) dealer partner who is an authorized dealer/distributor of the given manufacturer in your city.

Essentially, you are buying your car from our dealer partner through CarPal.

We can take care of that too. Once you indicate that you’re looking to sell your old car, we crowd source quotes from our used car dealer partners and ensure the highest bidder alone comes to evaluate the vehicle. Final quote would be communicated to you through CarPal.  

As an advantage, we’ll also try to ensure that your old car is picked up shortly before your new car is delivered to keep the inconvenience of not having a car to a minimum.

You can get your car serviced at any manufacturer authorized service center in your city as the same standards are maintained throughout. Your car need not only be dropped at/sent to the dealer you bought it from.

To maintain the stress-free experience while buying and also at an unfortunate instance of an insurance claim, it’s best to stick to CarPal’s qualified insurance provider to insure your car.

You can always opt to renew the insurance of your car with the insurer of your choice after 1 year of ownership.

Read more about why you should opt for insurance through CarPal.

We can apply that too. We’d need the No Claim Bonus reserving letter from your old car’s insurer along with a copy of the updated Registration Certificate with the next owner’s name. Please note that the final payable amount is subject to changes in this case.

We don't hold any charges. As a car buyer, you can request a test drive or a vehicle booking through our website. If you require an expert for consultancy, we recommend you sign up for CarPal Genius to get a vehicle expert help decide your best option. This also enables you to match a lower deal in case you find one outside our network.

Post delivery of your new car, we do have a pay-as-you-wish system where you can choose to pay us any amount you’d like. This would help us grow faster. Most paying customers pay us around 10% of their overall savings on the purchase. 

We have multiple finance options for you to choose from too! In case you wish to get the funding organized by yourself, you’re welcome to do so.

In case you choose to add accessories not listed on our platform, they can be purchased from the dealer directly and added to your car for the prices offered.

Essentially, they are valid till the next change in prices that is decided by the manufacturer and the dealer. However, we’ll try our best to stick to the prices initially offered / ensure minimum changes. Some cars have a long waiting period and is therefore subject to price changes.

We understand if you want to change your mind about your car choice. Simply let us know by cancelling the order in your account homepage or be reaching out to us. We’ll ensure the cancellation is completed at zero charge and the amount is fully refunded.

No problem.  Please do indicate your requirement much before the vehicle gets invoiced. There are charges involved depending on the number you wish to choose and the registration sequence at the Regional Transport Office in your district. We recommend you short list close to 5 registration number alternatives.

That’s possible too! Simply let us know once you show your interest in booking the car. There would be changes to the prices as registration charges would be waived and temporary registration charges added.

Yes, it’s the same as buying from a regular dealership/showroom.

You can call our HQ at +91-8056161227 or e-mail Vignesh at vignesh@autocarma.in or Arvind at arvind@autocarma.in

However you’d like to pay! NEFT/RTGS/Cheque/DD to our dealer partner work best. A full cash (rupee notes) settlement might invoke TCS (Tax Collected at Source) for vehicles applicable.

We’d love to. But just not yet.