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Introducing CarPal Genius - Advantage of consultancy and best prices rolled into one
With CarPal Genius, you get complete consultancy of vehicle options based on your preferences and affordability through an auto expert. We do this to ensure your experience is hassle free - no salesmen pressure, no unnecessary calls. This also includes deal matching in case you find a lower deal outside our network.

In the interest of business, an upfront amount of Rs. 500 /- will be charged while being refundable immediately when you complete your purchase through us.
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Figo – Good Carma blog Sep 28, 2020 | 11:01 am
To decide between the three, its better to look at the differences - both objective and subjective, to help arrive at a logical conclusion.
Figo – Good Carma blog Sep 24, 2020 | 04:49 am
There are lots of things that the Polo that make it the Polo – be it the steering feel or the torque output at around 2000 RPM from the 1.0L TSI engine. But yes, it is quite too expensive for its size and practicality. Maintenance cost too, is on the higher side. There is no […]
Figo – Good Carma blog Jun 16, 2020 | 08:06 am
Both the cars are emotional purchases, you buy either one because you are impressed by what it does and not what it has.
Figo – Good Carma blog May 6, 2020 | 06:13 am
The Ford Figo is a great hatchback with a lot of versatility. It has a pretty sweet 1.2L 95 HP / 120 Nm petrol engine - the highest for a non-turbo petrol engine in the segment and the very popular 1.5L diesel 100 HP / 215 Nm diesel engine. Coming specifically to the question about the fuel choice, there are a few factors that make a very big difference
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